What We Do

We provide the infrastructure and support that organizations need to ensure population health resources reach more people. This way, professionals can focus on innovating to improve lives.

Why We Do It

With our social innovation projects, we’re committed to helping public health professionals, government agencies and researchers operate as efficiently as possible so they are saving more money for programs. Our health support services help lower overhead costs and enhance reliable program management.

Our Services

Client Support Services

Equipping you with community health administrative services and a team of experts and dedicated support staff to help ensure that your program runs effectively and on budget.

Contract and grant management, fiscal sponsorship, accounting, human resources, and operations.

Program Development

Helping you build and launch the right program with the right funding support to deliver the right impact.

Grant sourcing, preparation and submission, assistance with program design, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

Social Innovation

Building sustainable and scalable models to shape the future of community health across sectors.

Sourcing appropriate partners and projects, managing coalitions and funds, assisting with program development, cross-sector collaboration, and social impact investing.

Custom Solutions

Working directly with you to tailor flexible services to boost capacity and add expertise for your special projects.

IT, lease administration, capacity building, fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and more.

Areas of Work

We support partners and build programs across the continuum of population health, helping to serve more people in more communities more efficiently. Our population health support services empower professionals to improve health outcomes.

  • All
  • Chronic Disease & Aging
  • Communicable Disease
  • Family Health & Support
  • Health Equity
  • Mental Health & Addiction

Smoking Cessation & Substance Use

Example program:

Saving Our Legacy: African Americans for Smoke-free Safe Places

Mental Health

Example program:

Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County

Environmental Health

Example program:

Coming Soon

Disaster Preparedness & Public Safety

Example program:

San Francisco Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

Homeless Services

Example program:

San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team

Youth Empowerment

Example program:

Youth/Adult Development Services

Community Health

Example program:

LA Community Health Project

HIV & Communicable Diseases

Example program:

HIV/AIDS Transitional Case Management in LA County Jails

Seniors & Veterans

Example program:

Contra Costa Health Services Senior Nutrition Program

Osteoporosis Prevention

Example program:

4 Bone Health

Diabetes Management

Example program:

Community Translational Research Institute (CTRI)

Heart Health

Example program:

Heartfelt Cardiac Project

Lab Services

Example program:

Alameda County Public Health Laboratory


Example program:

CA Department of Public Health Immunization Branch


Example program:

California Department of Public Health Epidemiology Laboratory Capacity

Emerging Infections

Example program:

California Emerging Infections Program (CEIP)

Early Literacy & Education

Example program:

Little by Little School Readiness Program

Nutrition & Breastfeeding Services

Example program:

PHFE WIC, Angels Childcare Food Program

At Heluna Health, our goal is to provide population health professionals with supportive services to deliver mental health care, substance use disorder services, disease prevention programs, breastfeeding and nutrition services, and other initiatives to improve the overall health and well-being of our communities.