Artist Lalo Alcaraz Teams with Heluna Health for Maternal Health and More

To tell the world about the importance of population health, it helps to have a master communicator. That is why, in early 2022, Heluna Health launched a partnership with award-winning cartoonist, animator, and artist Lalo Alcaraz, to spearhead a series of creative projects on maternal health and other aspects of population health. Alcaraz had already worked on many projects that tackle social issues, especially those that affect the Latino community, one of the vulnerable communities served by Heluna Health and its partners.

In 2023, the collaboration between Heluna Health and Alcaraz produced an animation called “Super Doulas,” written and directed by Alcaraz and animated by his studio, Pocho Villa Productions. The animation features a pregnant Latinx woman who discovers the support of a doula who helps her through and after her pregnancy. Doulas are trained professionals, who advocate for equitable care and provide prenatal, delivery, and postnatal wellness support throughout the pregnancy and birthing periods. The doula in the animation works for SisterWeb San Francisco Community Doula Network, a community doula provider in San Francisco, and a partner of Heluna Health.

Alcaraz is now working on new projects for Heluna Health, including a series of children’s books on nutrition and an animated series. “Lalo has an authentic voice and deep roots in the community, and his art will allow us to convey culturally-sensitive information and engage with both young and older constituencies,” says Elizabeth Power Robison, Chief Advancement Officer of Heluna Health. To watch the “Super Doulas” video and to read more about Alcaraz and his involvement with Heluna Health, see our recent Health Equity Impact Report.