Social Innovation

With our social innovation projects, we’re committed to finding new ways to prevent disease, improve access to care, and bring evidence-based projects to scale in our communities. Achieving meaningful systemic change to optimize health is what drives us to continue to constantly innovate.

How We Do It


Identify a community need or gap in population health.


Identify key expert partners in the community working to address a need, and together, research potential delivery pathways to test promising new strategies to meet that need.


In partnership with the community, explore and secure funding from existing opportunities and/or develop new funding models to scale and build a foundation of sustainability.


Launch the implementation.


Monitor, evaluate, and report on outcomes.


Assess feasibility for replicability.


Repeat and evolve as societal needs change.

Innovation Partnerships

Social Impact Investing

Serving as an accelerator or intermediary to drive new funding models.

Systems Change

Finding new ways to advance public/private impact initiatives.

Technological Advancement

Empowering public health experts to leverage cross-cutting technology solutions.

Emerging Health Concerns

Connecting experts across disciplines to tackle urgent needs.

Opportunity Zones

Heluna Health is proactively engaged with leading stakeholders who are at the forefront of developing Opportunity Zones.

We are proud of our history as a committed partner in building resilient communities across the U.S. through our diverse range of programs. Heluna Health seeks to ensure that residents of Opportunity Zones benefit from long-term population health-related investments that address the true health needs of their communities.
We aim to improve the health and well-being of our communities. To achieve this, we must take innovative approaches to solving complex problems. Our social innovation in health initiatives not only impacts the communities we serve, but opens the door for others to create change. To see how we can help you put social innovation grants to work in your community, give us a call today.