Patrick J. McGovern

Patrick joined Gilead in 2010 as a member of the State Government Affairs and FOCUS team. Patrick took over direct management of FOCUS in 2011. Under Patrick’s leadership, in partnership with more than 300 healthcare institutions, FOCUS has driven a systemic change in how people are screened for infectious diseases in the U.S., administering more than 4.3 million HIV and 1.8 million HCV tests to date.

In 2016, Patrick assumed leadership of the State Government Affairs organization, which works with policymakers and legislators in 25 states to enable access to Gilead medicines and promote public health. In January, Patrick assumed leadership of the Policy Team.

Prior to joining Gilead, Patrick was the longtime CEO of Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc., a comprehensive service organization meeting the health care and housing needs of homeless persons living with or at risk for HIV.